When you partner with POSMCS, you get custom-built solutions to drive revenue and boost your bottom line as a regional account representative. We provide our partners with tools, marketing assets and reporting solutions that help them to succeed. No matter if you are an individual or if you have a sales team or if you are a financial institution or an association, we have a partnership opportunity that’s right for you.

Agent Partnerships

Whether you are new to the payments industry or looking to take your life to the next level, we provide several revenue streams and support structures that help you to succeed. Whether you are an established agent or brand new to the payment industry. We are here to support you 100%!

We offer the newest payment technologies and point of sale solutions, competitive buy rates and revenue sharing plans, and we are dedicated to ongoing support and in-depth training from day one.

Financial Institutions Partnerships

Financial institutions continually face new challenges, including revenue growth, new customer acquisition, and enhancing customer service. We can help your financial institution with a partnership to provide your business clients with our unmatched service & solutions. We guarantee 100% satisfaction & unmatched service in our industry.

We offer several partnership types for financial institutions depending on your level of involvement. We can customize our merchant services plans to meet your needs, with each plan providing a different level of partnership collaboration.

Are you a consultant, independent agent or even a small business looking for a way to increase your revenue? We offer a referral partnership that allows you to refer new merchants that could benefit from our Payments, Payroll, Lending and Customer Engagement solutions. Help your customers grow, strengthen your client relationships and earn additional revenue by becoming a Heartland Referral.

Association Partnerships

With an unlimited number of trade and professional associations in the United States, we understand the valuable benefits that our association partners provide to their members.

We offer customized solutions for your association that can help you and your members to streamline the member’s daily operations dues collection, back-office operations and increase new member acquisition:

An Association partnership can also help you provide your association members with exclusive offers and programs created specifically to help them grow their business. Whether you offer just one service and product or the whole collection of solutions is entirely in your control when you partner with POSMCS.

Referral Partnerships

Are you an independent sales account representative or a business looking to increase your revenue stream? Then referring your business clients and or customers to us for our services might be the right fit for you to earn a referral income by doing just that, referring them over to us.